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The boyfriend of one of my sister's best friends from Scientology days is, I always knew, dyslexic. What I didn't know until recently is that he's actually illiterate.  Apparently he and my sister had a argument last year that totally pissed him off -- she told him to quit relying on Jim for everything and go out and learn how to read already. After he got over it, he did, I think through a library literary program.  His news when I saw them out at the Stinson Beach cottage is that he's reading at a fifth grade level.  Yay!!

There was a big book sale at the library bookstore and I scooped up armloads of classic and current good young adult books, 30 or 40 of them, and popped them in the mail last Saturday, just under the 2 PM closing wire. They got them already!  Here's his email from last night --

>> OMG, L.  ...Your wonderful treasure trove of books came today.  I'm looking forward to reading each one and then donating them to my literacy program unless you want them back.  Good choice on the Island of the Blue Dolphin...I've read that one and really enjoyed it.  Thank you VERY much for your helping me on my endeavors to reading and enjoying different literature.  I can't thank you enough for your loving support!  All the best,  D.   (typed by Jim with big thanks too!)

This makes me very happy.  And I'm reading some of the YA books that were new to me. It's fun because they go so fast.  

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