Scottsdale was a lot of fun. Things done: 
  • Taliesen West desert walk that included a good view of lots of the student structures (bonus!).
  • Author event at the Arizona Biltmore, at which I wandered all over the hotel, found all the pools and jacuzzis and sat by them for awhile, etc. Room service is delivered by guys on fat-tire bikes specially retrofitted with big flat trays on the front!  The famous Frank Lloyd Wright "Saguro" window is 3-D, not 2-D; many of the vertical lines are wide pieces of glass turned sideways, so they stick out from the flat plane of the stained glass.
  • Arcosanti is way the heck out in nowhere, I can't imagine living there. It's an alternative community, I  knew, but seeing it, good grief, no way.
  • Cottonwood's western mountains were topped with snow. The river was pretty big, high water grasses trapped about 4 feet up from the surface.
  • Went to Cave Creek twice. The excrutiating pain in my foot 1/2 through the 2-hour hike might have been me discovering first-hand what plantar fasiacitis is. Boy howdy did it hurt. Found a small but wonderful botanical garden filled with birds. Fabulous.
  • I got together with a childhood acquaintance that I'd reconnected with via Facebook about 2 weeks before I left for AZ. That was pretty cool. 
  • A few hours, a couple of days, lying by the pool IN THE SUN, ahh. Plus soaking in the jacuzzi at night. It was a nice place.

It's SUCH a drag to be back at work. SUCH.

I always get depressed when I come home from a trip, looking around at all the house projects to do that I'm not doing. It's nice to be back with the cats, though. 

Refrain #1, for the 1,257 time: I really have to get a home computer.
Finally, the HR person and I were in the office on the same day at the same time, for the formal job offer, etc. Turns out I need to complete a Perf Eval in my old job before I can move to my new job. Erk.

I'm listening to Ann Patchett's "Truth and Beauty," on books on tape, about her friendship with poet Lucy Grealy. It's marvelous; the writing is beautiful, and the story of their friendship perplexing and intriguing. The author is the reader, and it works well.

I found an interesting website while looking for info on Lucy Grealy, the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database:
About Lucy Grealy:
I got the new job! Yay!!! Right now, it's a lateral transfer with a slightly different title, but that job rolls over automatically to the next higher level, so, ultimately, a promotion. Also, it's the work that I really enjoy doing anyway.

It's good to be busy at work, where my computer is, because I'm kept humming along on projects. It's starting to approximate juggling, though, and I wish it would stop for a week to let me catch up.

I'm told that I'll hear whether or not I got the new job early next week. I forgot to ask them about that, duh. It's a hazard of not interviewing for 25 years.

I signed up for Team in Training again and I have to be at a cold, damp, windy park, ready to walk by 8 AM this Saturday. Sigh. My lazy side wins waaaayy too much of the time over my disciplined side, so I shouldn't complain.

On the plus side, my Team in Training buddy from last time has invited me to a Chinese New Year celebration, complete with acrobats, on Saturday evening. Whee! I'm especially glad because we didn't have a celebration at work this year. Maybe next year, I hear.

I wonder if any nice person could tell me, show me, or help me to make buttons in my LJ, so that I can click on "50bookchallenge" to read it, or "lifehacker," or "littledetails," instead of having them list in my LJ as messages. Can it be done in a free account?

This happened last week - a big document production request was filled last week in that the project manager gathered all the original documents for review. Only, she decided to put them in a big blue plastic recycling bin, because the size was useful. You can see where this is going, right? Yup. The night cleaning people have strict orders about emptying recycling bins. They tried to recover them, but it couldn't be done. YIKES. I feel so badly for the PM, who now has to reconstitute the files as best she can.

My job interview is on Monday. Wish me luck!

My big!boss completely freaked me out yesterday by offering to let me sit in his office while he told me all the ways that I was wrong to think that the new job would be the job that I think it is. Now, the job description was drafted by me, and written for me. I have to interview for it and actually get it, and I do have competition, but I have a pretty good idea what the job entails, since I’ve been doing this part of it for, oh, years and years. I decided to take my lunch break then instead of taking him up on his kind offer. Later, I talked to perfect!boss to be sure, and we both agreed that he was just having a big!boss!tool moment. Thank dog. I’ll be freed from, hmm, bigboss babysitting aspects, and get to do more of what I like about my job, plus more pay and more responsibility. Good things. (Still, I have to get it first.)

I’ve become a decaf latte addict. Yum, they sure are tasty.

I stayed up way too late Wed. watching Firefly eps, towards my goal of having viewed favorite eps + unaired eps by this Sunday. Is it just me, or is the music for Firefly really, really grating? If I wasn’t committed to watching it, I would have taken the DVD out of the player and thrown it against the wall based on the annoying instrumental stuff that plays incessently while I'm figuring out the DVD remote.

Compare that to Rescue Me, Weeds, Six Feet Under, Veronica Mars, and okay, even Friends. I respond to the beginning music in those from liking it to being wildly enthusiastic. Rescue Me’s opening song (which I'd never heard before; ditto V.Mars') rarely fails to get me up and literally bouncing along to it.



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