deepstarrysky! Thank you for the javacat gift. It's adorable and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks and hugs!

I wish I had time for a longer post. I'm slammed at work, sleeping alot on weekends when I can, and had a houseguest for a few days, which was great. She had a car and things to do, people to see, so we'd see each other for breakfast and later at night. Then, 5 people were supposed to come over for dinner on Friday, but the mother of one of them (the couple) took a turn for the worse, so it was 3 of us, and we had fun. [The friend's mother died yesterday, at 4 AM on her 90th birthday. Sad.]

The Big Over Easy on books on CD won me over after a slow start. I like that the author, Jaspar Fforde, has given himself a minor actress character named Lola Vavoom, who, among other movies, once starred in The Eyre Affair. Hehe! Lola's other movies are My Sister Kept Geese, and drat, I forget the others. His AU universe of the Nursery Crimes Division of detection includes gods (Prometheus is the object of the main character's 20-year old daughter's affection), people, and nursery characters. Jack Spratt is the main character, and Mary Mary, his associate. I don't know some of these nursery rhymes so am missing out on some of his funny. Like, Solomon Grundy must be a nursery rhyme character, but I've only heard that name in connection with a waterfront restaurant in Berkeley that changed hands & name about 15 years ago. There are a few others. So. I trekked to the children's library last week to check out an anthology but it turned out to be one of the opens-late days, drat.

Yikes, that took longer than I thought it would. Back to work.



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