Dear Sister,
Today was the administrative appeal to the parking ticket you got while I was on vacation in Hawaii in November. I dressed up in conservative and nice mufti, was 20 minutes early to my court date (he heard me right away, which was nice), and gave my best pitch on why you were parked in the cross-hatched area next to a handicapped parking spot, complete with a copy of our mother's ID showing that it was a few days before her 95th birthday and her disabled placard. I tried my best and thought we might have a shot, but the hearing officer said his hands were tied;  you violated federal ADA law by parking in the cross-hatched area, and would have gotten a legitimate and legal ticket even if Mom was in the car with you and her placard was hanging from the rear view mirror. I tried. I had to pay the ticket in order to get the appeal date. The ticket was $275.00.
Your sister, LT

What I did not say: 
Dear Sister,
Seriously? Do you really not get that you can't violate the law without paying consequences? This is the second time in three years that you have violated federal law and paid for it - or rather, I've paid for it, and you have to pay me back.
Your sister.

I wonder what exactly is wrong with her? Maybe I've been watching too much Criminal Minds lately, but I wonder if there is some screw loose that makes her think that she is so special, she isn't subject to anything normal people are. One of our family members is bi-polar and schizophrenic, and in the middle of a breakdown, was convinced he was too special to have to eat or sleep normally.  I wonder if she's got some spectrum of that going on. 

No matter what, it's both annoying that she got the ticket, and disappointing that my argument didn't work. But -- I'm kind of glad that the law was upheld, at the same time.



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