I didn't get the things done on the mortgage refi that I need to do. Instead, I read what Dalton Ross and Jeff Probst think about Fabio's win in Survivor Nicaragua. Here is an interesting bit under a comment in Dalton's recap:  http://insidetv.ew.com/2010/12/20/survivor-jeff-probst-redemption-island-twist/ -- by Hutchy  dated Mon 12/20/10 2:35 PM.  Hutchy's unimpeachably-accurate-so-far source alleges that Sash violated the most basic rule in Survivor by offering Jane a bribe to help him win. Producers halted the entire Tribal Council meeting to resolve the issue when Jane told them what happened at the TC meeting, deleted the footage, then issued gag orders on everyone involved. SCANDAL. I  wonder if it's true. This Survivor was lame, one of the worst ever. Amazing Race was awesome though.

I'm glad that I retired in summer.  It would be kind of awful to make such a Big Change In Ones Life and be stuck in this rainy dreary blah.

Perception of time is weird. Breaking up with Henry; taking up with Peter, then breaking up with Peter after he wanted to get married and have a kid [I regret not doing this, dammit, which is probably why this is happening now, big family time, etc.]; then having Paul die after basically telling me I was nuts because I was convinced he had cancer (I was right, he was wrong) -- all happened over a period of about two years. It feels like it wasn't that long ago, but it was almost 20 years ago? Whoa.  I'm back to remembering things about Henry almost daily. It's exactly like the way thoughts come and go during meditation. The memories arise, I note them, then they move away.  We lived here for 11 years together, but so much time has gone by... this kind of daily remembering used to happen all the time, then went away after 10 years or so. It's baaack. But in a smaller way. It's always been interesting that Henry is who comes to mind, not Peter, not usually. A function of the setting, the house we bought together, I suppose.

I did write and mail thank you letters for early Christmas gifts, wrapped and mailed my Secret Santa presents, and wrote an op ed about a local issue that I spoke up about at the City Council meeting last night.  Now if I could just focus on the refi documents during the day, and stop falling asleep on the couch, then waking up in the wee hours and spending too much time on the Internets at night.



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