Dear brother,
We have spoken on the phone 5 or 6 times in the last month, starting as soon as I heard that you were planning to drive to SF from Penna. for our mother's 95th birthday. I pointedly, clearly, specifically asked you each time to let me know your exact plans, because I have been wanting to go away for the 2nd week of Nov. for 2  years. This year is especially provident for such a trip, since our sister is staying at my house until Nov. 16, and she could cat-and-housesit.  You waffled a little on dates, but last we talked, you said you'd be here Nov. 5.

On Nov. 2, I found out from my sister, who found out from our mother, that you are not coming to Calif. after all. THANKS FOR THE PHONE CALL, DUDE.

Dear sister,
I know Nov. in the Bay Area is cold compared to the surfing and fishing village you live in south of the Tropic of Cancer.  But I really do not appreciate coming home from an evening play to find you walking around in a nightgown with bare feet, your bedroom French door open, living room windows open, main thermostat cranked up to 74 F, and the heater in the bathroom running -- with the bathroom French door also open, It isn't that hard to close doors and windows when it gets cold outside, and to dress appropriately. That means socks and shoes or slippers.  Pants. Long sleeved shirts. Here's a thought: sweaters! Also, remember when you asserted at a cocktail party that you are an environmentalist, I laughed, and you were offended?  FYI, this behavior is not even remotely environmentally conscious.

Dear brother and sister,
Screw it, I found a deal.  I'M LEAVING FOR HAWAII ON SUNDAY!! 
Love,  your sister.
PS Dear sister, Try to not triple the elec and gas usage the week that I'm gone, okay? I give up on pointing out that it isn't, in fact, about the cost of it. 
I got an A on the first mid-term. Yay! We have a second mid-term next week.

I have had a porcelain sliver in my right index finger for months and it's so annoying, I want it out!  In the last two weeks, I've seen two hand surgeons; been scheduled for hand surgery, which surgeon #2 canceled without anyone calling my home phone to tell me or leave a message (there was a message on my cell, which was hinky for days -- I got the message 4 hours *after* going to two surgery centers and the hospital looking for the dang hand surgeon!); been back to see hand surgeon #1 after canceling-surgeon-#2 didn't return my phone call. Latest advice: don't do anything. It will eventually work its way out. The universe seems against surgery on this finger. I hope surgeon #1 is right.

Oh the drama over whether or not my brother is coming to the Bay Area from Penna. for his 62nd birthday and our mother's 95th birthday. Skipping a six para analysis of his comm. style here, I think his deep involvement with AA and its offshoots plays a large role in how poorly he listens, and why he tends to take any subject and shortly make it about him. AA culture is about listening and supporting, but what he could use IMHO is being challenged on falsehoods, assumptions, and non-sequitors.

I've discovered that an East Bay and SF bakery, Arizmendi, has opened a storefront downtown San Rafael. I almost wish I hadn't. The bread is soooooo gooood. Their sourdough starter, I have heard, originally came from their sister coop, the Cheese Board Collective in North Berkeley, which is one of the progenitors of the original Gourmet Ghetto, the other two being Chez Panisse and Pig By Tail.  That's my original Bay Area neighborhood, and wow did I miss the Cheese Board (and Berkeley Bowl) when I moved to Marin.



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