Scottsdale was a lot of fun. Things done: 
  • Taliesen West desert walk that included a good view of lots of the student structures (bonus!).
  • Author event at the Arizona Biltmore, at which I wandered all over the hotel, found all the pools and jacuzzis and sat by them for awhile, etc. Room service is delivered by guys on fat-tire bikes specially retrofitted with big flat trays on the front!  The famous Frank Lloyd Wright "Saguro" window is 3-D, not 2-D; many of the vertical lines are wide pieces of glass turned sideways, so they stick out from the flat plane of the stained glass.
  • Arcosanti is way the heck out in nowhere, I can't imagine living there. It's an alternative community, I  knew, but seeing it, good grief, no way.
  • Cottonwood's western mountains were topped with snow. The river was pretty big, high water grasses trapped about 4 feet up from the surface.
  • Went to Cave Creek twice. The excrutiating pain in my foot 1/2 through the 2-hour hike might have been me discovering first-hand what plantar fasiacitis is. Boy howdy did it hurt. Found a small but wonderful botanical garden filled with birds. Fabulous.
  • I got together with a childhood acquaintance that I'd reconnected with via Facebook about 2 weeks before I left for AZ. That was pretty cool. 
  • A few hours, a couple of days, lying by the pool IN THE SUN, ahh. Plus soaking in the jacuzzi at night. It was a nice place.

It's SUCH a drag to be back at work. SUCH.

I always get depressed when I come home from a trip, looking around at all the house projects to do that I'm not doing. It's nice to be back with the cats, though. 

Refrain #1, for the 1,257 time: I really have to get a home computer.
A dead coyote was lying next to the road.

After the author lunch, I wandered to the Cave Creek Museum, which was both not open and lovely. It has well-labeled botanical garden, in addition to other outdoor exhibits. Across the fence from rusting mining equipment, birds were going bananas. It was fabulous. There must've been 30 or more mouring doves, a bunch of sparrows, and a very large bushy tree was filled with birds/birdsong I'd never heard before. Beautiful. Loved it.

I really wonder about my memory.  I went hiking in the desert and left both hats in the condo: the mesh and neoprene one that can be stuffed into a pocket AND the TravelSmith packable Panama hat that folds flat in a suitcase then springs right back.  Yeesh. I hiked with the trail map folded and stuffed under the temple of my glasses to cut glare.

I hiked the Go John trail in Cave Creek. I'm usually very good at walking meditation, getting to the point of just being THERE and observing what's around me, but found it hard to shut up my mind today - very annoying. It took the botanical garden and the birds to get to that.

There's development everywhere, flags, gorgeous desert one minute, a square of bulldozed land next. Very sad. You can visualize that bird conventions used to take place all over the Greater Phoenix area, until their habitat was destroyed. I wish that more places had restricted zoning so it couldn't happen so often.



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