YAY!  all is benign!! I'm really glad we have such things as biopsies. It would really suck to not know - either way.  It's great to have it go this way. YAY!!!!!!!!
I had surgery today. There's some kind of lesion inside my bladder. At least, I hope it's Hunner's Lesion and not bladder cancer. It's probably the lesion. The doc said, "I biopsied the hell out of it," so that's good. Results back on Monday

I was up until 1AM Tues. night doing another cat rescue in the same place as all the others. Wed, I worked late. So I was quite tired after the anesthesia wore off, but not enough to sleep. Then a neighbor offered to help prune the rosemary in front that died off inexplicably. So I did 3.5 hours of yard work instead of resting. Manual labor was not on the post-op directives but I'm glad I did it. It was nice being home to watch teevee for a change.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off for my birthday (Sat.)* but I have to take the older rescue cat to the vet first. Oh, I was at the vet ER with her from midnight to 4AM Sunday night. Wow, I really have a sleep deficit, huh. Time to hit the pillow.

* after which, I'M OLD ENOUGH TO EARLY-RETIRE!! woohoo!
I feel like George Constanza, except without Jerry or Elaine or Kramer. If there's a wrong decision to be made, I'll choose that one. If there's something to not get, I won't get it. If I try to do something that's right or good, it'll backfire, and/or be the wrong thing.



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