It's amazing how hard it is raining. There was a lull between 4 and 11 PM HOORAY since I had to be out and about. Not much soil drying-out time, but it helps a little.

I studied ALL DAY for the meteorology test. (I am not an all day studier, though I suppose I could be.) A month ago, I arranged to take the test early so I could attend a lecture by Michael Pollan. I left two messages for the prof to confirm, morning and early afternoon, and arrived 20 minutes early to check in with him and have a last quick review before the test. He hadn't listened to his voice mail or prepared the test yet! By the time he got to the classroom with the test, there wasn't enough time to take it before I had to leave.  I'm taking it after the Tues. afternoon class now. So... more time to study! Yay?

Good lecture by M. Pollan. I wonder if he scheduled being here to coincide with the 5th Annual Artisan Cheese Festival in Sonoma County this weekend. (The College of Marin offers an A.S. in artisan cheese making now!)  I blew it on getting Friday farm tour tickets, but am going to the marketplace event Sunday. Also: events at the Center wow me. It was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, is so beautiful, and the acoustics are amazing. Knowing how lucky I am to live here rushes through me, always.

Mom is hanging in there, but the importance of routines was emphasized by how whacked out she got skipping her dinner tray last Friday. I thought it was a bad idea, and called several diff times of the day to ask if she was sure about it, and she said yes every time. But I should have overridden her. She got up at midnight, dressed, and walked down the hill to the dining hall (which was locked) for breakfast. Twice. In the rain. To her credit, she did not fall, got extra exercise, and called me after her second trip. (She should have used her "help button" device, but, no harm done.) Poor Mom, she was hungry, and confused about what time it was! I have restocked her tiny cupboard. We have to update her Power of Atty. anyway for a financial thing and are restating/updating her trust. I called the atty. to suggest he take this off the back burner. 

I have a new haircut. It's a real haircut, like, styled haircut. I like it, although it's hard to see the bigger Splat blue streak because of the way the hair falls on one side.

I've found two camping events and one backpacking trip that I want to go on. Have to figure out house/cat sitting.

What else. Oh! I was at my former workplace Mon. for the 30-year award they forgot to give me last year. The timing was good to reconnect with people. So, I heard on Wed. that one of the two people hired to fill my position was fired and escorted from the premises. This is not a place where people are escorted from the premises! Or wasn't. SHOCKING. Schadenfreude! I am SO GLAD I retired. Speaking of which, the pension increase (which add'l multiplier I paid for with my own money) is finally going into effect. It's been pending since last June! I'll get a nice retroactive check to bring me current. YAY.
I hardly drink any alcohol any more, but I need a beer.
Beer had. I might need another one.
Good day in that I signed all the paperwork on my mortgage refi and it's OFFICIAL, yeah baby.

Friday, Mom and I are meeting with an attorney to talk about updating the power of attorney (one of her accounts wants it) and maybe updating her will.  It made us both very very cranky today.

I need that other beer.

I am BANANAS for this show called Criminal Minds.  My bike riding partner told me about it. Ion TV runs marathons that are so great. I wish I could find it all the time. Ima go look for it now. I love the main characters, and the readings that they end each ep with.

Ugh, I have a test on Thursday and some homework to do. Tomorrow.



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