Oct. 2nd, 2012

So....my mother died in her sleep around 3:40 AM Sunday night.   Aldersly staff checked on her around 3 AM, as they do, and found her.   We are sad that none of us was with her, but the hospice medical staff thinks she just drifted off in her sleep. 

My oldest sister spent a lot of time with her on Thursday holding her hand and sitting with her. The next oldest sister is staying with me for a few months, taking a break from the heat and humidity of her home in Mexico  -- she's glad she got to spend time with mom earlier in the week.  My brother and his daughter Shawna were here over Easter. I spent a little time with her on Friday, before I had to leave to let Comcast in to fix the cable box. 

I didn't think it was so imminent!  She  rallied so well from Spring, when she went into hospice, moved into assisted living, and at the time, seemed close to passing. She was so strong. Almost 97, she had a good long life. 

So the commenting in a safe place:  the sister staying with me was coming unraveled the last several days. ::pause:: She just got up, at noon, which is good thing and it looks like she finally got some sleep.  She has been spending the nights obsessively touching-up old photos of my mother, and this morning, I discovered that she spend last night obsessively looking at the photos on my Facebook page, and leaving comments.  And modifying my current profile photo in Photoshop to make me look better (which I couldn't care less about. Take me as I am or goodbye).  Okay, she seems better, more together today, and I have to think about the FB thing. I didn't add her to my FB list until a few days ago, and it might be that my earlier instincts were correct. 

Got stuff to do.



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