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There's a lot going on with my mother these days. She's on a chemo/pill to reduce a lump in her breast so it doesn't break through the skin. She has to have surgery on three skin cancers on her legs. All she wants to do is sleep, and she says things like, "Oh, L-, I just want to go ahead and die." Which is why, among other things, the two of us met with Hospice of Marin last week.  Turns out her doc used to be the medical director of the local hospice, for years, and is going to bat for us, since mom's so old, even though she is getting treatment, it is essentially palliative, not actual treatment. 

It would be great if other people came in to talk to her. I spend a lot of time there, but I'm usually Doing Stuff That Has To Be Done, not just hanging out with her. She really perked up when she heard that Hospice has a chaplain.  Mom's a Protestant, and all us kids are either agnostic or atheist.  Well, maybe not the one in Penna., but we don't see him much.

I'm glad I'm not working for the 585th time so I have days to do stuff .

School started last week. I went over to see Don, the science prof I really like, and it made me feel so, dunno, at home I guess, to walk through the Science building. Like a sigh when you feel at home.  Oddly enough, then, I am not taking any science classes this semester.  I'm taking Construction one night a week. We learn how to use all the tools, then build a shed, that is donated to charity.  Another night a week, I'm taking Advanced First Aid/First Responder (a Fire Tech class) at the Indian Valley campus. WOW is it beautiful. No one goes up there. I swear. It's way the heck out there literally abutting Marin County open space. Stunning.  The class is going to be harder than I thought, but, I'm in it and shall continue.

Don's okay if I audit meteorology. I got an A- in his class last year but would learn even more with repetition. So I might go over to the science center for a science fix from time to time.

Oh, and Don gave me a copy of Environmental Geology. It's the only book I rented, and I loved the book. That was really nice of him.  It's an older edition but hey: free book, nice gesture.

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Date: 2012-02-04 04:25 pm (UTC)
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oh, hon, I didn't realize things with your mom had changed so much. Poor thing. I hope the treatment helps ease her. {{hugs}}



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