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I have plotted out two weeks of camping and backpacking already. 

I have never seen the Columbia River Gorge. I *could* take one day to see it between Troutdale and Pt. Townsend, WA. Recommendations, Oregonites or former Oregonites, for a camping spot or hostel for one night? What should not be missed?

June 23 - try to leave
June 24 - really leave, drive to Ashland, camp at warm springs
June 25 - drive to Eugene
June 26- drive to Edgewood McMenamins in Troutdale Oregon  edgefieldconcerts.com/index.php
June 27 - at McMenamins - Foster the  People concert
June 28 - leave McMenamins, drive to Pt. Townsend WA  OR see the Columbia River Gorge
June 29 - hang out in Pt. Townsend WA  OR leave Columbia River Gorge, drive to Pt. Townsend
June 30 - drive to Pt. Angeles, WA, join the backpacking group
July 1-July 7 - backpacking
July 7 - at Sol Duc Hot Springs.  Last day of backpacking.
July 8 is the official end of the trip, in Pt. Angeles. 

I might stay in Sol Duc and meet my friends there for more camping, or go to Pt. Townsend, then go on another backpacking trip with them (this one: http://mosswalks.blogspot.com/2007/06/enchanted-valley-backpack.html
and hot spring before and/or after at Sol Duc.  I think. I need to find out where the
enchanted valley IS.

Then on to Corvallis for the Da Vinci Days!  http://www.davincidays.org/

Somewhere in there, visits to niece in Eugene, maybe to the coast again, maybe finally get north of Tillamook in OR. Definitely a trip to Breitenbush.  http://breitenbush.com/

I have never been to Victoria, maybe that would be possible?  Pt. Angeles is the ferry departure point.

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