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So I've been on vacation since June 22nd, that's what, 2.5 weeks. I went on an organized backpacking trip, group called fitpacking.com, for 70 miles along the Calif. coastal trail from Orick, CA (just N of Arcata) to the Oregon border. Then I left for a 3-week car camping trip on July 4th.

For all that I wanted to travel and see all these places in Oregon, I checked into this awesome little cottage (brooklanecottage.com) in Corvalis around 4 PM today and all I want to do is sit and read what various of My Peeps are up to on FB and over here and in email and so on.  I've been doing Nothing But That for four hours straight now. I am fine on my own, but I can't help being a social animal.

I've been to Brookings - 1 night (an airbnb.com place; amazing house, artist-MD + retired psychologist own the house and the 4th of July party was full of arty hippy folks older than me, three of them from about 4 miles away from my house in Calif.; made friends with a couple from Coronado who have invited me to stay there anytime);  Gold Beach - 1 night (Sheila the camp host and Britney the other single woman traveling with her cat to Orcas Island); where was I on the 6th? The yurt at Bullard's Beach near Bandon; Jesse Honeyman State Beach July 7 and 8, spent most of the day on the 8th riding my bike around and reading a book on top of a picnic table next to Wheatabix Lake (some other name); on the 7th, driving, Coos Bay,  ___ where the oysters are. Here I am in Corvalis, losing my mind on the 9th!  Drove from Florence, stopped at the Sea Lion Caves and in Yachats.  This morning, I lost my high school sleeping bag thanks to the Yakima pod not being locked when I thought it was, so bummed about that. 

An old friend from work who has been living in Pt. Townsend for yonks is taking the train down from Seattle on Monday. I'll pick her up in Albany OR and we'll travel around from there.  I'm looking forward to company.

Well, I've been wanting to do laundry, I suppose I could do that now instead of frittering away the day doing it tomorrow. Except it's a treat to stay put and have household amenities! I can't decide whether to watch tv or not. I'm glad I had leftovers from Bandon so I didn't have to go out for food tonight. 

I find I'm avoiding the crowds mostly by accident but I don't mind it. The big county fair in Eugene is this weekend. I'll be there next week instead.  I am sorry to miss the Da Vinci event in Corvalis next weekend, I'd like to see a kinetic parade.  I drove on by the Fish Fry in Yachats.  I originally was going to be home by July 24 but I think I'll aim for July 22 instead. We'll see.



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