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I haven't posted since Easter, not that anyone's dying to hear about me but ... here's what's up with me --
Finished my two academic classes. I probably did okay on the final exams.  I miss swimming already. I was sad the day after the last class because I enjoyed the classes and the prof so much. Studying for tests was a pain, though, so I probably will take just one academic class in the fall.

I have been saying "I'll start it tomorrow" for a long time, and so am not in very good shape for a two-week backpacking trip that leaves in three weeks.  I need to remedy that.  My laziness is epic, which I'm not proud of, but hey, it's good I recognize reality?

I'm working out an itinerary for a three-week car camping trip to OR and WA beginning the day after the backpacking trip ends.  SIX iterations so far! I'm uptight about reservations on Friday and Saturdays, when I think it will be hard to get a spot somewhere, and some of the parks are supposed to be very popular. The bones of the trip are similar to my Seattle F2F trip two years ago, with more time. (Yay for being early-retired! )

My mother is hanging in there. I so hope and in my agnostic way pray that she stays okay while I am gone.  I asked family members to start phoning her - she needs it for many reasons, but  no one has. Group email was not effective, dammit.

My back hurts. I bought a  new mattress that arrived today and thought I was maneuvering the chest bed base around in a safe way to vacuum behind it, but maybe not. Here's hoping the new mattress helps it feel better.

I have various contractors coming for various upgradey things around the house before I go. One inquiry often leads to the need to do something else first, which is not unexpected, but kind of amusingly annoying.

I had a really nice day yesterday. Went hiking with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and her dog, followed by lunch at a nice riverfront restaurant in Petaluma that I never knew existed, Demsey's.  Then I visited the ex Henry and his wife Ruby for most of the afternoon and we had a really nice time catching up.  Always on the list of things I'm grateful for is being friendly with both of them.  Ruby said they have been together now for 18 years.  Shocking! So I broke up with Henry 18.75 years ago?!  Time goes by fast.

What is up with this cold cold weather? I shut off the heat about 2 weeks ago, thinking summer was here, and had to re-light the pilot two days later.  Brr. I'm taking a stand and putting cotton, not flannel, sheets on the new bed. I hope I don't regret it. 

Okay! back to email, the house sitter for the last week of my trip, and, eventually, a hike.



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